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We are all about diversity at Broken Radio. You will be able to listen to a variety of Electronic Music genres. So, regardless what you want, you might hear what you didn't expect and like it.

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DJ Shows

Our Djs make sure to bring you all the best experience possible. Get ready for mesmerizing sounds and eye watering visuals. We advice to buckle up and enjoy the journey.

Why are we doing it

Broken Radio is a not-for-profit project. It has been created to connect audience with amazing DJ's and sounds from every corner of electronic music genres. A platform where the underground music has its own place to thrive.

Our Events Calendar

Our events calendar should give you all the info about future live performances. We strive to bring only the best DJs and Artists to the table. Bookmark it in your calendar, make sure to warm up the speakers before. Most importantly though, wear your dancing shoes!


This is where you can find all the best ways to stream our shows. Wether it's video stream or audio stream, we got you covered. This is surely a good place to say say Hi, on our chat platform.

Resident DJs

Meet premium horses in our stable. They will take you on the rides of your life. No horse riding experience needed.

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Binkiewinkie (PL, UK)

Binia aka Binkiewinkie has a true love for music and underground partying. When he moved to London in 2004, it all came together for him. His sets spread magical and touching beats, deep driving basslines, telling a stories that take people into new dimensions where time and space dont exist…

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DJ Farls (Canada)

When he’s not loading Komatsu 980 haul trucks with his Bucyrus 495 HF2, he’s an aspiring DJ and Electronic Music Producer going by the name Abominable Rabbit with dreams of playing in countries throughout the world.

DJ Urbanjunkie' Bio Image
DJ Urbanjunkie (Canada)

Tie is what you could call a Techno junkie. Droping them beats for over 2 decades, he knows his craft. Make no mistakes, he does not take any prisoners.

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Dr. Albert Hofmann for The Bike Day.

Open Source Community and their projects.

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